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Apr 22, 2013

Photos from Overlap + Ableton + Public Works Event

Here are a few photos from my performance on April 4th at the Overlap + Ableton event at Public Works in SF. This is a new piece I'm currently working on, sound and image. More images of my set are here.

Photo recap of the event on

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Mar 6, 2013

April 4 Performance in SF - Ableton Premiere Event

I'm performing at this event on April 4th at Public Works in SF! Very excited. My org Overlap is designing the night with Ableton and Public Works. Going to be ao good one. Education and performances coming together. Here's all the info and flyer-

RSVP on Facebook

Tickets here ($5 pre-sale / $10 at the door)

Ableton is proud to be partnering with Public Works and for a rare combination of exclusive artist performances and presentations at Public Works, San Francisco on April 4, 2013. Come see and experience Live 9 and Push, Ableton's new and unique hardware instrument, through a series of workshops by Ableton Certified Trainers and artists aimed at exploring new techniques for music making. Following the presentations, witness a range of forward thinking techniques for stage, through an inspiring line up of unique artist performances. Whether you are a seasoned musician, music lover, Ableton user or just discovering Live for the first time, expect this event to be an insightful and exciting experience for all attendees.

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Feb 15, 2013

Examiner Interview and Feature

Electronic musician Christopher Willits combines sounds with gorgeous images in his new show.

Producer Christopher Willits — who crafts positive, beautiful, relaxing electronic music — brings his one-man band of guitar, vocals and electronics to the Independent on Friday.

The leading figure in San Francisco electronic music, opening for Tycho on Friday, will debut a new audio-video show featuring exotic, gorgeous vistas that he shot in HD and Super 8. He live-edits the video material while simultaneously layering guitar, vocals and effects.

The dreamy, surreal show offers a visual first look at Willits’ (next) album, which he hopes to release this year. “I feel like the live show is more dialed in than it’s ever been,” he says. “I’m really excited to show it.”

As he shoots on long hikes in places like Thailand, Willits searches for “beautiful spots on earth — things that represent a lot of the images and places I hear and see as I’m creating my music.”

The Kansas City native came to the Bay Area in 2000 (After a painting scholarship at KCAI) but ended up getting a master’s degree in electronic music at Mills College. Along the way, he advanced his skills in photography, cinematography and new media.

The Bernal Heights resident and Ghostly International artist’s releases include the 2006 album “Surf Boundaries” and 2010 album “Tiger Flower Circle Sun.” His 2012 collaboration with legendary pianist-composer Ryuichi Sakamoto yielded the cerebral, sleepy ambient jazz release “Ancient Future.”

After 12 years in The City, Willits says San Francisco is home.

“I feel like San Francisco accepts you in the first couple of years or it’ll kick you out because it’s kind of expensive. I feel lucky. The vibe of what I want to do and create and love — all that’s been just reciprocal in the community I found here.”

The multimedia artist just released a successful line of museum-quality archival photo prints: minimalist beach landscapes that bridge Willits’ sound and video work. His art collective, Overlap, is also supporting releases and events in 2013.

“I feel really sort of blessed. Things are flowing. I feel like there’s a new scene that is emerging in San Francisco. It’s positive, it’s beautiful and it’s about the sound and the lights,” he says. “It’s attentive. It’s listening music, but it’s also accessible. It’s not something that’s trying to just be eccentric for the sake of being eccentric.”

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner here.

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Jan 8, 2013

Willits + Tycho at the Independent

I'm performing Fri, January 18th at the Independent in San Francisco with Tycho.
Tickets are sold out but I'll randomly gift a guest list spot to someone who mentions it on Twitter
(@Willits and @ISO50) or Facebook.

Will be performing guitar + voice pieces that are growing with video.
Hope to see you there + more info below.

Christopher Willits

@ The Independent - 628 Divisadero, SF
Doors 8:30PM
More info

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Dec 11, 2012

Academy of Sciences + Independent with Tycho

I'll be performing new work at the Independent in SF with Tycho, Friday Jan 18th, 2013.
Tickets going fast for this, you can grab one here. It will be a beautiful night.

Thursday Dec 13th, I'll be a guest performer, improvising in an aquarium with Manitous (Slayers Club, Public Works) at The California Academy of Sciences. The Academy has been doing some wonderful things. More soon about another event that I'm working on with them on Jan 17th.

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Nov 21, 2012

Warsaw, Thank You.

Warsaw, Thank You.

Wonderful experience at the Plateaux Festival on all levels. Thank you everyone !

(Photo by Art Rozbiewski)

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Oct 3, 2012

Japan Tour Prep, New Projects, CCA

It's been an amazing month. So many things are growing at the same time. Every moment is an opportunity to refine, and relax into it, creating deeper.

Preparing for Japan tour October 8-22. All dates here.

I've been working on my next solo album, created from many of the recordings I made at SnowGhost studio in Montana recently. ...

... New videos are emerging from over 1500 "moving photographs" that I have taken over the last couple years. I've recently completed my first photo pigment prints. I'll be sharing these soon in a new online shop. My Tai Chi and meditation practice keeps flowing deeper and deeper. I'm now teaching my first Tai Chi student as well, an amazingly talented acupuncturist and healer who had heard about the old form I practice.
It's all connected.

+ This summer I was invited to teach a class in the Graduate Design program at The California College of the Arts (CCA). I developed a new course that encapsulates so much I have learned, titled "Sound + Image Resonance". This has been moving along really well, in our fifth week now. Incredible students, ludic work, and it's providing a body for many concepts and ideas that I have discovered over the years.

+ + New release by The Maidu out on Overlap October 4th. Keep an eye out for this beautiful album and photo print we created.

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Jul 30, 2012

Willits + Sakamoto - Ancient Future - Out Now

Willits + Sakamoto "Ancient Future" is released internationally today.

Buy the CD and Vinyl here.
Digital- Mp3 320 / Flac / AAC / Ogg here.
You can listen to the album stream here.

This album came together so fluidly. Every aspect of this release was dialed into the intention of the album- to create a space of opening and release. It has been a beautiful flowing process of collaboration. Sakamoto and I complete each other's thoughts here. After 10 years of putting out music, exploring and listening to my creative process, I feel like I have truly begun with this album. Everything I have learned so far, creatively, technically, and spiritually has come to this expression. We are so happy, grateful, and humbled to share this sound with you.

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Jul 3, 2012

East Coast Performances in August

Christopher Willits will be playing a couple select shows in the east coast following the release of his latest album collaboration with Pianist Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ancient Future (out on Ghostly August 7th).

Willits will perform new work in NYC at the Cameo Gallery on August 8th, and a few days before at Dreamland in Martha's Vineyard.

August 5th - Dreamland - Oak Bluffs / Martha's Vineyard, MA. - RSVP here
August 8th - Cameo Gallery - Williamsburg, NYC, NY. - RSVP here. Tickets here.

All event info here.

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