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Apr 24, 2014

Princeton Show

I'll be at Princeton this Friday, April 25th. Excited for my first show over there.

Photo by Randy Edwards. From my set in Omaha April 7th opening for Tycho.


Apr 3, 2014

Shows with Tycho

It was wonderful opening for Tycho on the Denver and Fort Collins dates. Feels so great to warm up the energy of the night before the guys play. I just love these guys, great to be on the road together and do this. And the crowds have been amazing. Thank you so much for listening. For those of you that were not there, I played a set that is similar to this video. Here are a few photos. More to share soon.

photo by @smithtmary on instagram

Photo by Zac Brown, bassist and guitarist of Tycho and very awesome man. @zryder on instagram

My setup for the Denver show. Testing sound and projections before doors opened.


Mar 26, 2014

Live at The California Academy of Sciences

This is what my live set is looking and sounding like recently. Over the last couple years I've been shooting all of these images and creating music with them. It's all coming together as a part of a larger project that I'm excited to share in a bit. Let me know what you're feeling from this, I always love your feedback.



Mar 2, 2014

March 30th show at Public Works

SUNIGHT is a Sunday night place to chill with friends.
Relaxing music, tea, special cocktails, edibles, all in surround sound.

Sunday, March 30th, 2014
7PM - 12AM

Music by - SnuiseManitousChristopher Willits

$5.00 in advance / $7.00 at the door
Buy Tickets Here

at Public Works
161 Erie Street, SF

Facebook RSVP


Feb 24, 2014

"On Spirituality and Creativity" by Irene Chou

Artist, designer and writer Irene Chou recently wrote this piece about my music, art and process, "On Spirituality and Creativity". Here's an excerpt and the full piece below-

So liminal are the soundscapes that multimedia artist Christopher Willits creates that often his work seems like it has no man-made origin. Yet in reality, it would be difficult to find an artist who is more involved in the creative process than Christopher is. His intricate, slow-build compositions of reverberating guitar are crafted with such attention that his words hold weight when he says “what I make is not ambient, background music. I like to think of it as forceful, activated peace.”

For Christopher, peace is a theme that guides his work, and a truth he continually returns to in his own growth. Being at peace creates space for honoring the present moment so that we may experience ourselves, others, and the world as we did when we were young — with curiosity, humility, and awe. In my eyes, that is just how Christopher interacts with the world around him. ...

Our dialogue continues, and I learn that meditation is but only one type of thread Christopher uses to weave his creativity and spirituality together. He is also a long time practitioner of Tai Chi Chuan, a type of Chinese martial arts that is, in essence, a meditation of the body. That he is able to distill his practice into just another way of strengthening the connection between the mind, body, and heart, reminds me of the same muscular spirit exercised through creativity. When I mention these theoretical affinities, he says he has no doubt that his creative and spiritual path are one and the same.

You can read the full piece here.

(Images by Irene Chou)

You can learn about another project Irene has been incolved with here, Freespace.


Jan 26, 2014

Performance at The Chapel, Friday Feb 7th - SF

I'm playing with Blue Tech, Manitous + Swoonz, and michelangleo on Friday Feb 7th at The Chapel in San Francisco. It's an all ages show and it looks like it's going to sell out soon, so make sure you get tickets here.



Jan 9, 2014

Performance at Festival Spectaculare - Prague


Festival Spectaculare
Christopher Willits
 (Solo Performance)
Clarinet Factory + Christopher Willits (collaboration)

Nová Scena Národního Divadla (New Scene of National Thearter)
More info here